Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jack Sparrow Costume

I love making costumes. I discovered this when I worked on making a Captain Jack Sparrow costume my senior year of high school. It turned out ok, and lots of people liked it. But I knew that it could be better, that I could improve upon it. It took a couple years to get around to it, but I did a lot of work to make it better. I don't have the greatest photos of it, but I'll post what I have.

The coat was heavily modified from one found at D.I. the boots I made out of leather and some short leather work boots (I know, they're cut off in the photo), the wig and hat I made... it was a lot of fun. I ended up building a better version of his compass.

I've ended up selling a couple of these, and I'm working on a new one right now.

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  1. Can I please buy the next one your making do ending in your price ??