Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jareth the Goblin King costume

I was Jareth, the villain from the movie Labyrinth. Since David Bowie is bizarre, and Jim Henson was a weirdo, this made for a fun outfit.

I made pretty much everything for this. The wig was a blond "rocker" wig that I had to straighten, cut, style, and paint to give it brown roots. The front chest piece is a breastplate I made. Wire mesh coated in plaster strips, then covered in decorative leather. I made the boots out of pleather over some cheap dress shoes. The blue cape is just a simple cape made form two kinds of cloth sewed back to front. The web-looking cape is cheesecloth that I destroyed a bit and dyed to look like that. The leather hood and cape are the fun part.

The leather I bought online. There's actually two parts; most of it is one kind of leather, and the inside of the hood is a darker, less textured leather. The part that bothers most people (mostly my sisters) is the skeletal add-ons. They're actual deer bones. A month or so before I started on this, a small deer was killed on the edge of our property at my parents' house. Behind the house is just mountains and sagebrush, so this isn't in the middle of the city. Anyway, around the time I was making this, there was nothing left but bare bones. So after looking online at how to do it best, I cleaned them VERY thoroughly and assembled them as you see here. They were much whiter looking before I pained them to look like they were decaying.
Half the people who saw me in this costume loved it, asking for pictures with me. The other half clearly had no idea who I was, and gave me some very weird looks, even though it was Halloween.


  1. would you ever be willing to sell this? ive been trying to look for a Jareth costume to go as for halloween this year, and nowhere has it! and this, this is something else! its truely amazing!

    1. Maybe, email me at and we can discuss it.