Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Puppet 3

I had a class project for which I decided to perform as a ventriloquist, after building a themed puppet. I chose to make him look like Cicero, a Roman orator.

I started with a foam ball.
I carved it using a dremel and belt sander until it looked kinda like a face.
I cut a jaw line and added a mouth, including space for my hand and thumb.
I covered the whole thing in tan felt, adding a couple facial features in the process.
Some eyes, eyelilds, and paint, and he's starting to look... terrifying, really.
His body is made of hangers for shoulders, and a water bottle wrapped in cotton batting makes the torso. Yarn for hair.
The torso was wrapped in felt and then white cloth as a toga.
I added some sewn arms and legs, hands and feet.
Ta-da! Here's a video of the performance!

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