Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some of my previous portrait work

A lot of what impresses people most that I've done is my portrait drawing work, so here are some portrait drawings I've done.

This is a self portrait I did in 2007. I don't plan to post much from before then, because I don't like it anymore.

A lot of the portrait drawings I've done have been of pretty actresses/famous people (girls). This is for two reasons: they are famous, so if it looks like the person, people will recognize that it's well done. Also, they are beautiful girls.

This is Diana Agron, mostly famous from the tv show Glee. This probably took around 6 hours to draw, and I used half a dozen types of pencils.

In a rare break from tradition of drawing female actresses, here's Apollo Ohno, USA speed skater. This was done as a speed drawing, I think it took maybe an hour to complete, using a mechanical pencil.

I was taking a drawing class recently where, for the first time, I used charcoal. It was neat. But what I really liked was using black and white charcoal on toned paper. Finally, if something needed to be lighter, I could draw it lighter instead of erasing what was there.

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