Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why I Make Things

I started drawing back in the 7th grade, when I took a general art class that covered pencil, ink, paint, clay, wire sculpture, and probably several other things. We had assignments to draw in sketchbooks, which would then be turned in. I filled a couple with terrible sketches of whatever. Nothing I made at the time could be loved by anyone other than my mother. Most of it I didn't even like myself, but it was something to do, and so I kept doing it.
Years later, I tried drawing a face, intent on making it look at least kinda like the person. I don't remember if it worked, but I kept trying again after that first one. Eventually, I learned that I could make some decent portrait drawings (I thought they were decent at the time, now I hate them if I see them). I also would try drawing stuff out of my head or as book illustrations every once in a while.
Long and really uneventful story later, I still draw, and have branched out a bit into painting. But I one of the things I like to do best is build things. I've made costumes, movie prop replicas, and some other stuff, and I love doing it. So this blog is for me to document some of the things I've already made, and hopefully I'll be organized enough to post projects part-way to show how I make them.
Something that I think sets me apart (for better or, more likely, for worse) is that I have never had the desire to make anything, drawing, painting, or build, as a form of self expression. That bothers art teachers sometimes, but ha ha too bad. I make things for pretty much two reasons: it looks neat, or it's fun to do. That's it. There's no meaning, no deep connection, no explanation about how my soul feels or anything like that. I just don't care about art for that.

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